Proud to be the Pasco Tax Collector's Charity of the Month.  
Information about us is in the vehicle renewals going out in August and collection buckets are available in the Tax Collector"s Offices.  Please consider donating locally to support homeless and disadvantaged children in our community.

For more information,
 please call 
727-688-0272 or 

The Community Volunteer Corp supports the over 2700 homeless children in Pasco County Florida through the Students in Transition Program (SIT).  We also support disadvantaged students.

Come join us in the following activities:                                    

- donate supplies for hygiene kits
- donate school supplies
- assemble kits for Students in Transition
- assemble kits for disadvantaged students
- serve as a clearinghouse for donations.
- supply Unwrap a Smile to reach other homeless families.
- solicit contributions for the programs we support.

Workshop and Meeting Location:

6338 Rowen Rd.

New Port Richey, FL 34653.

About Our Organization
Our organization is designed to support homeless Pasco County schoolchildren by providing supplies and distributing them through the Students in Transition Program.  We also help disadvantaged students.
Become a Volunteer
Beside the fact that more and more Americans are being drawn to community service in response to our President's call to action, people inherently unite in times of real need - especially when we share a common struggle.  The financial crisis in the fall of 2008 hit our country hard, resulting in a disastrous housing market, thousands of lost jobs and the closing of many businesses.  This turn of events had grave impact on so many, and yet Americans still pulled together to find a way to help each other - through volunteerism.
Events and Opportunities
Join upcoming volunteer opportunities.  See our calendar and sign up to volunteer for specific events.